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Exciting times for Sage ERPs and CRMs through #SData and the GCRM Contract

It has been several years now since the Sage RESTful web service protocol was developed.  I was part of the team that originally developed SData and was responsible for ensuring the commercial value of this new technology. Fast forward to 2012 and … Continue reading

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#SData plug-in for Visual Studio now updated for Visual Studio 2012

The SData plug-in for the Visual Studio IDE that makes working with SData feeds easier for developers has been upgraded to support Visual Studio 2012.  The latest version can be downloaded from the Downloads page on SData public website here.  … Continue reading

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SData consumer videos on YouTube

I’ve added a collection of videos to YouTube which focus on SData consumers.  SData consumer applications, or web services, ‘consume’ the SData feeds provided by Sage SData-enabled ‘provider’ applications (more on SData providers here). Thanks to my colleague Darron Cockram there are also … Continue reading

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Intelligent endpoint (URL) management in SData

I got myself in a bit of a spin last week when I realised that teams implementing the SData global accounting & CRM contract had used differing URL structures.  Basically at the contract URL level some teams had used “crmErp” … Continue reading

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SData instance schemas

I’m being asked about SData instance schemas all of the time.  An instance schema is an application-specific implementation of a ‘generic’ schema.  I thought I’d post some more insight here for wider consumption: Every application will be required to implement … Continue reading

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Some SData provider demo videos now on YouTube

There are a collection of videos on YouTube which outline how to write a basic SData provider (supporting read/GET, update/PUT, $schema requests) using the Sage Integration Framework (SIF). The first video is an introduction to the SData protocol and SData providers … Continue reading

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