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The Benefits for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

There’s been a lot of hype around SRE lately and when discussing this topic I always try to draw the conversation back to the benefits of looking at new frameworks and tools…. what will the organisation get out of SRE? … Continue reading

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) – back to the future?

I’ve walked the line between DevOps and SRE in organisations and witnessed first-hand both good and bad practices.  While there are a lot of SRE success stories I’d like to focus on the occasional use of SRE as a justification … Continue reading

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Heritage Reliability Engineering

I originally wrote this post while helping BPDTS and DWP Digital -> Colleagues from BPDTS Ltd and DWP Digital are enabling the modernisation of DWP’s portfolio of services. Some people might think we are only developing new services, but … Continue reading

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Yellow Brick Road Retrospective

My first post in 2020 will look back at a recent retrospective held at a client in the run up to Christmas 2019.  Those that know me will know that I like to get “creative” in agile delivery – sometimes … Continue reading

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The “group verbosity alignment” technique

At a recent Scrum Coaching retreat our group was struggling to turn a lot of words generated in a group environment into something concise and meaningful.  Get many agile coaches together and you get a lot of competing and wordy … Continue reading

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The Team, the Whole Team and nothing but The Team.

I work with many clients trying to embrace Agility by adopting one of the popular Agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum). Remember there is a big difference between “doing” Agile and “being” Agile and a lot of businesses think that because they … Continue reading

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Velocity is an output, not an input

There are some Agile Teams I have witnessed where a “Sprint Velocity” metric is used as an “input” to the Agile process. This is particularly manifest when third-party development teams are involved, where the Velocity concept is used as some … Continue reading

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Watching the flower grow, DevOps transformation at Scale

DevOps does not mean employing “super admins” (despite what the recruitment agencies may say!) DevOps also does not mean building another silo (the “DevOps Team”) alongside other silos – although a DevOps team done right can be a catalyst for … Continue reading

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Musings on the latest Thought Works Technology Radar

Its been some times since I put down some feedback on the Tech Radar, of which I am an avid and enthusiastic supporter. However the January 2015 edition has a few gems which I want to replay. TECHNIQUES I’ve worked … Continue reading

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A bad work-person blames their tools

In less politically correct times the adage was a “bad workman blames his tools”. As a one-time apprentice mechanical engineer (failed!) I heard this a lot. However in recent times I’ve been wanting to use this put-down a lot when … Continue reading

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