StoNetDevOpsMon anyone?

The DevOps concept has been something I’ve focused on for some time and inevitability is getting extended into new areas, away from its core server/compute raison d’etre.  There has been an element of networking in all the DevOps projects I’ve been involved with, and while all of the core DevOps technologies have some sort of support for Networking (such as in Open Source Puppet and Chef) it is only recently (through the availability of viable virtual networking) that vendor agnostic networking features are becoming prevalent in the tools (such as through NetDevOps. type initiatives)

The DevOps vendors themselves are jumping into this, as they transition from their Open Source roots into their commercially viable futures, with alliances between Chef and various network vendors, such as Cisco, and Puppet and their network partner, Juniper, appearing in their “Enterprise”(i.e. paid-for) offerings.  However these are still focused on the physical networking side of things (routers/switches). The potential game changer is the introduction of true virtual networks fully integrated into the virtualization hypervisor that allow for commodity resources to be dynamically configured to support complex, real world, scalable, network scenarios.  Yes, an element of physical networking ‘kit’ is still required but not the kind currently seen in today’s corporate spaghetti.

The next logical addition is the inclusion of storage provisioning through DevOps, making it “StoNetDevOps”.  Again, through third party investment (or otherwise), the Enterprise Chef and Puppet offerings are providing solutions in these areas.  Controlling a machine, its network access and its storage capability through automation, using minimal human resources will result in significant organizational change but will bring high benefit.

I’d ask why not go one step further and add monitoring to get the complete infrastructure package. “StoNetDevOpsMon” anyone?


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