Exciting times for Sage ERPs and CRMs through #SData and the GCRM Contract

It has been several years now since the Sage RESTful web service protocol was developed.  I was part of the team that originally developed SData and was responsible for ensuring the commercial value of this new technology. Fast forward to 2012 and we are now starting to see the real benefits of commercial SData implementation.  In conjunction with Sage ERP and CRM teams around the world I designed the Global Accounting/CRM integration contract (or GCRM for short!) – a collection of XML data schemas and services shared across Sage ERP and CRM systems.

At Sage Summit 2012 we showcased how this contract based approach to integration was beginning to bring real value to Sage, our partners and our customers.  Sage SalesLogix has been a pioneer in SData adoption since the beginning but with the recent launch of Sage ERP X3 version 6.5 (this version now supporting the GCRM contract) it was possible to showcase how any SData-enabled Sage CRM product (SalesLogix, Sage CRM or even ACT! by Sage) can integrate with any SData-enabled Sage ERP product (Sage ERP X3 v6.5, as well as Sage Murano in Spain, Sage Office Line in Germany, Sage 1000 ERP v4 in UK, with more to follow).

However this means a lot for Sage development partners too.  As SData, SData contracts, and a lot of the SData tooling are under a creative commons license developers can write their own applications and extensions that can work with any SData-enabled Sage product (and if they use the GCRM contract they can write one application that can integrate with many Sage applications).  They can even SData-enable their own products.

Exciting times indeed!


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