SData consumer videos on YouTube

I’ve added a collection of videos to YouTube which focus on SData consumers.  SData consumer applications, or web services, ‘consume’ the SData feeds provided by Sage SData-enabled ‘provider’ applications (more on SData providers here).

Thanks to my colleague Darron Cockram there are also some videos that outline how to write a basic SData consumer application using the Sage Integration Framework (SIF), Visual Studio and the SData Visual Studio add-in.

The first video is an introduction to SData, why Sage needed SData and what an SData consumer is.

The next four videos then give a developer demonstration showing how to write a basic SData consumer application in a Visual Studio environment using the SIF and C# as well as the SData Visual Studio add-in.

Part 1 outlines the basics of using the SIF and shows how a simple read operation (GET request) can be done against an SData provider.

Part 2 then focusses on writing back updates (PUT requests) to SData providers.

Part 3 goes on to focus on creating new data (POST requests) in SData providers.

Finally, part 4 shows how to delete data (DELETE requests) via SData providers and discussed some basic error handling.

I hope you find these videos useful – you may need to increase the video quality in YouTube to read the lines of code in the demos.  Sage is using SData more and more to enable it’s on-going web strategy of connected services and on-line business solutions.



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