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SData consumer videos on YouTube

I’ve added a collection of videos to YouTube which focus on SData consumers.  SData consumer applications, or web services, ‘consume’ the SData feeds provided by Sage SData-enabled ‘provider’ applications (more on SData providers here). Thanks to my colleague Darron Cockram there are also … Continue reading

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Intelligent endpoint (URL) management in SData

I got myself in a bit of a spin last week when I realised that teams implementing the SData global accounting & CRM contract had used differing URL structures.  Basically at the contract URL level some teams had used “crmErp” … Continue reading

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SData instance schemas

I’m being asked about SData instance schemas all of the time.  An instance schema is an application-specific implementation of a ‘generic’ schema.  I thought I’d post some more insight here for wider consumption: Every application will be required to implement … Continue reading

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