Some SData provider demo videos now on YouTube

There are a collection of videos on YouTube which outline how to write a basic SData provider (supporting read/GET, update/PUT, $schema requests) using the Sage Integration Framework (SIF).

The first video is an introduction to the SData protocol and SData providers and discusses the building blocks used to create a provider application – of which the SIF is one.

An version of the SIF will need to be installed to follow the coding demonstration below (if you have Sage 50 Accounts 2012 or later installed the SIF should already be there).

The next four videos then give a coding demonstration of how to write an SData provider in a Visual Studio environment using C# by calling the main SIF helper classes.

Part 1 outlines the basics of using the SIF.

Part 2 then shows how to write a provider that can respond to a GET (read) request issued by an SData consumer.

Part 3 focusses on the role schemas play in SData web service exchanges and how the SIF helps with schema generation.

Finally, part 4 shows how to handle data update (PUT) requests issues by SData consumer applications and some basic error handling.

I’ll blog more about SData, the SIF, and how SData is powering a whole new world of Sage connected applications.


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