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The business meaning of web services

I’ve been involved with SData, and more deeply, the Sage common data definitions (schemas) for some time now.  The common data definitions are an attempt to standardise the data structures used in SOA’s that involve Sage applications and SData.  Extolling the … Continue reading

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404 Page Not Found – OPPORTUNITY!!!! We’ve all come across the 404 not found error at some time or another (the Sage one, hasnt changed since 2008 (it still has 2008 on it!). This little video from TED shows how some organisations use this … Continue reading

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Some SData provider demo videos now on YouTube

There are a collection of videos on YouTube which outline how to write a basic SData provider (supporting read/GET, update/PUT, $schema requests) using the Sage Integration Framework (SIF). The first video is an introduction to the SData protocol and SData providers … Continue reading

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SData Videos

If you are interested in SData there are some videos here which talk about how to write an SData provider.

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